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Commercial diving Qatar

Nomadik Marine Services 

We provide an extensive range of quality inland and offshore commercial diving services. Our services revolve around water be it underwater, in water, on water, or above water, and include underwater inspections, subsea construction diving, maintenance, and detailed reporting. Nomadik Hub Marine includes ships, marine engineering, inland diving, infrastructure, and civil facilities for government, corporate, and private entities. We operate throughout Qatar, KSA, and UAE with our core service locations in Doha. Our teams and a vast array of specialized equipment are always ready for rapid deployment and available 24/7 for emergencies.


Who we are

The Nomadik Marine Services employs a comprehensive team of certified commercial divers, qualified trade experts, and professional administration support staff. We have a variety of commercial boats and vessels, road transportable modular barge systems, and floating elevated work platforms.

We also have a comprehensive range of in-water ship services including in-water surveys, hull inspections, NZ MPI inspections, biosecurity, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, anchor and chain maintenance, ship maintenance, and salvage.

We also employ a team of Dive Technicians to maintain a large variety of Scuba Equipment. Our workshop can service regulators, Kirby Morgans helmets, Hydro and Visual inspections of Scuba tanks, air banks, and maintain hyperbaric chambers. Scuba Compressors like Bauer, Coltri, Sauer, and Nuvair are also maintained in house. We house a fabrication team that can modify or customize anything that our customers needs.


World-class underwater photo and video equipment alongside our ultrasonic double echo metal thickness gauging and MPI crack testing on various steel structures in the marine environment. NDT equipment can be used as a method to ascertain metal loss due to corrosion.


Our portable decompression chamber, ROV, and Other marine equipment are available and on standby 24/7



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