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Adventure Across Qatar

Let us take you diving. Our pro dive team will help you gear up to a discover scuba. Underwater, your senses are altered, so stay focused and tune into your environment.

Our expert diving team will train you before your adventure, so no previous diving experience is necessary. With newly mastered diving techniques and knowledge, you’ll be ready to explore the seabed.

Dive is for ages 12 and up (please check medical exclusions before booking – you cannot Dive if you currently have or have ever had asthma)

The Desert Adventure. No dessert is exactly the same in Qatar, its purpose and terrain vary greatly.
Southwest of the capital you can experience the natural phenomenon of the Singing Sand Dunes. This group of crescent-shaped dunes hum from the grains of sand that slide down its slopes. The sound reverberates for miles.
On the peninsula’s west coast huge formations of limestone rock have been shaped by the wind.
The rugged landscape is hard and lunar-like…

Stunning Dunes of Qatar

Qatar’s many dunes, with their spectacular views, are a major attraction for tourists who wish to undertake recreational safaris

Qatar’s largest area of sand desert lies to the south-west of the capital, with its high dunes a major attraction both for recreational safaris or simply to enjoy the spectacular landscape. The area is also popular as a day destination for families wishing to picnic in a unique environment.

Tourists will also find an array of local stores en route where supplies can be purchased before heading into the desert. The desert scenery constantly changes depending on the time of day and light conditions. The breath-taking colours of sunrise and sunset are especially dramatic and the clear night skies offer a rare treat for stargazers. Khor Al Adaid, the impressive ‘Inland Sea’, lies to the south of this expanse of desert.

Al Thakira Mangroves

A large area of vegetation attracting varied bird life, including flamingos and herons, Al Thakira mangroves, can be found just north of the seaside city of Al Khor, and present a large expanse of natural greenery in sharp contrast to the surrounding desert landscape. This area of vegetation with its own ecosystem is notable for attracting resident and migrating bird life, including flamingos and herons.

A great way to explore the mangroves is by kayak, available from several tour operators and specialist companies. All of these can be booked in advance, and many companies offer both morning and afternoon trips. Al Khor is also notable for its fishing communities and is a good spot to arrange a day trip out on the ocean.


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    thumb setandarm

      If you want to push your diving experience in Doha to the next level Nomadik hub is your perfect choice. Enjoy a variety options of diving; boat dive, shore dive, camping and dive. After you contact them all you need is to show up and...More

    thumb 674belalm

      The trips I've done with Nomadik Hub have been a lot of fun, well organised and the staff are lovely. I would highly recommend them to anyone! They have such a great group of passionate divers which makes a great place to meet like-minded people....More

    thumb cecilia195
  •   One of many trips with Nomadic Hub and highly recommended. Professional and fun at the same time. Growing community of divers - the Tribe' all just looking to enjoy nature, good company and fun diving. They also arrange a company team building event for over...More

    thumb petermurphy66

      Just a wonderful experience from start to finish... great relaxed but professional style mixed with dive enhancing tips that have made me come back for more... Nomadik Hub is now my go to for diving in Qatar, my best learning experiences in diving so far!

    thumb Marcus D

      The best place to enjoy diving. I have been with them for a few times. I am from Qatar. And Nomadik Hub took me to places I have never been to before. They bring you all the diving gear to site and take it after...More

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