What We Do

At Nomadik Hub Qatar, our management team, instructors, and support staff are committed and dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality of education, through leadership skills and empowerment and critical thinking. Our services are delivered in a professional manner and we aim for the highest level of customer service.

We believe in adventure in a safe but exciting way.Nomadik Hub was created to fill a void lacking in modern education, the intent was to offer more for students and teachers alike. It originated as a way to encourage students to try different activities and focus on empowerment and confidence building.

The project took off when students were able to find areas that interested them outside of academia, and excel within social situations.

Discover Scuba in the Sea Qatar Dive


Come dive with us- from guided tours to PADI training, from Qatar to the the rest of the world!

Boat Trips in Qatar

Boat Trips

Join us and explore the sea around Qatar on one of our Boat Trips

Fishing Trips and Diving Qatar

Fishing Trips

Join us for a day of on the water-  fish from the boat or join us underwater to do spear fishing!

Water Sports Qatar Wake Boarding Diving

Water Sports

From Wake boarding to Jet Skis to Banana Boat Rides – we have you covered!

Adventure Qatar Camping Diving

Camping Trips

Join us for an overnight fun – dive in the evening and then relax around a log fire under the starlight skies!

Adventure Qatar Camping Diving

School Partnerships

We arrange fun and educational trips for Schools- including overnight stays and introduction to diving.

Join Our Tribe!

We would love to meet up with you! Join our tribe and explore what Qatar has to offer together. The adventure is not only about the area you are checking out, but the people you are checking it out with. Joins Us for Scuba diving in Qatar, Camping in Qatar and Fishing Trips in Qatar and much more.