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At Nomadik Hub Qatar, our management team, instructors, and support staff are committed and dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality of education, through leadership skills and empowerment and critical thinking. Our services are delivered in a professional manner and we aim for the highest level of customer service.

Join Nomadik Hubs Dive Club, we offer a range of diving courses from PADI Open water to PADI Assitant instructor. Our services are delivered in a professional manner and we aim for the highest level of customer service. Our purpose is to educate and shape the divers of today with education and experience.

There are several sites on land by Sealine and the Inland Sea with depths ranging from 6m to 20m and a number of sites offshore. Most of them accessible with a 4×4.

Old Club Reef – a man-made reef, just before Sealine Beach Resort. An easy shore dive, the average depth is 15 meters, you’ll be treated to sunken buses, cars, toilets, bidets, and more. Visibility isn’t great but, on a good day, you can see around 20 feet – this is currently off limits but may change in the future.

New Club Reef- a man-made reef just after Sealine first dune, the average depth is 15 meters.

Qafco Reef- a man-made reef, 15 minutes drive from Sealines first Dune

GMC – This is a new artificial reef where a number of GMC vehicles have been sunk to build an artificial reef

The Barge Othman – Sunken coast guards barge- 10 minutes drive from Sealines first Dune

Zeytuna- Natural Reef, its located at  Inland Sea 40 minutes drive from Sealine Resort.

Qatar has a lot of sites offshore sites include boat wrecks such as M/O Wreck, Macadeen, Barclays and Jezan, with an average depth between 14m and 30m. There are also some sunken oil rigs in the Qatari waters apart from some very nice dive sites at Al Khor, Balhambar wreck (close to Al Khor) and Tech El Dan wreck (a big boat that sunk near Ruwais).

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